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Sugar Wax


Let's face it. Schools aren't created equal and limited on what to teach and how long is spent on each subject. That's where Mandy Harris Aesthetics studio steps in. 

I strongly believe in continued education. If your licensing state doesn't require it, that is all the more reason to learn more and master your craft.  

The opportunities and possibilities that are available to estheticians are endless! Sometimes we need a little guidance or a nudge in the direction to find our spark. Whatever your individual case may be, I'm here to educate, train and cheer you on to become the best version of yourself.

Several in person post graduate classes are available. If you don't see a particular topic listed below, please reach out. The chances of me being able to help or point you in the right direction are pretty high.

It's what I was made for.

Nutrition & Aging

Brazilian Wax Masterclass

Advanced Skin Disorders

Working with Physicians

Ayurveda in Skincare

The Five Elements and Skin Conditions

Deep dive into the Chemistry of Skincare Products

Aromatherapy and Botanicals in Esthetics

Advanced Facial Devices

Advanced Facial Techniques


Four-hour Brazilian wax masterclass: $1,485
All the necessary information and techniques for performing an impeccable Brazilian wax are covered in the MHA Brazilian Wax Master course. Students in the class will: Discover our signature strategies that increase client retention, infection control procedures, 
training in customer service and experience.
Discover how to increase your speed and quality of work so that you can finish a Brazilian wax in 15 minutes or less.
Discover sophisticated positioning, stretching, and application methods to execute the best Brazilian wax.
Learn what to look for and how to interpret them to prevent issues; Find out how to market your services in a variety of ways to attract more customers and raise your retention rate. 

The Mandy Harris Aesthetics studio serves as the host for these practical foundations training. It is necessary for the class participant(s) to have hands on training on at least 4 models.

A Brazilian waxing beginning and a certificate of completion are included in the Master Class. On-going mentorship is included in your course. 

After Pay accepted

**** Models are not included with training course; you must provide your own models, or we can provide models for an additional cost

Image by Kateryna Hliznitsova
Shot of cosmetologist making mesotherapy injection with dermapen on face for rejuvenation


This course teaches you how to use brow mapping to design and shape symmetrical eyebrows, and using hard and soft wax, how to prep the area for perfect contouring and contraindications. In order to attain brow symmetry and determine the most attractive brow shape for your clients based on their facial features, Brow Mapping employs a methodical technique. Brow mapping can offer you the added assurance and direction you need to design the ideal brows for your customers, especially if you're new to the world of brow treatments. You will learn how to create a brow map that is highly symmetrical in this course. The ideal way to begin any brow henna or tint treatment.
All courses include a kit with all of the supplies needed to get started with more confidence in your skills, a certificate of completion and a mentor to support your growth long after class.
***This course is 3 hour and 3 models will need to be provided by the student.***


Microneedling is not included in any initial esthetician program leading to state licensure. If you are legally allowed to perform microneedling under your esthetics license in your state and would like to bring it on board in your practice, I would love to help!

Be trained by one of the industry’s pioneers to collagen induction therapy AKA microneedling, Mandy Harris. Our multi state licensed esthetic instructor. Learn it’s history, purpose, depth considerations, contraindications, methods to treat all Fitzpatrick skin types. All courses include a kit to begin offering the treatments, a certificate of completion and a mentor to support your growth long after class.

***All courses are in person and will require 2-3 models. (not provided) ***

After Pay accepted

Education: Services



At Mandy Harris Aesthetics, I offer incomparable educational services.

Experience the finest education with 

professional dermaplaning classes and certification.

Absorb the explanations, comprehensive knowledge, and invaluable techniques that have made DermaplanePro the industry gold standard and best resource to learn dermaplaning for professionals.

Did you know that your professional liability insurance will not cover you if an injury occurs and you do not have proof of post graduate training and certification?

Use code "MANDY" to save $$$ on your certification.

My classes are held in Bluefield, WV once a month. Click below to be redirected to DermaplanePro's official website and schedule your certification.

I look forward to training you and giving you the skills to be more successful in our field!

Education: Services
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